Adult Sex Toys

Adult Sex Toys

Enjoyment comes With Perfection With Adult Sex Toys

Is using sex toys as a couple a sign of imagination and disinhibition or crisis? Although it is a taboo subject for many, exploring sexuality individually and as part of the practices of a relationship is healthy.

The help of devices and dynamics designed to raise the temperature in the bedroom is more than welcome. And since the rise of erotic literature, with sagas like Fifty Shades of Gray, sex toys have made their way to millions of beds around the world.

So much so, that according to Forbes, the industry of sex toys will exceed 50 billion dollars in 2020. And, contrary to what is usually thought, not everything consists in emulating sex through pieces that imitate parts of the human body: there are so many toys as sexual fantasies. For the Adult Sex Toys you will now be getting the best beats.

The key is to find the one that best suits the pursuit of enjoyment whether in company or alone. In this article we are going to focus on sex toys to enjoy with your partner.

The idea that a couple who lives their sexuality does not need additives is as equivocal as it is harmful. When respect, trust and communication are present as the cornerstone of a relationship, a very complex sexual universe opens up that keeps the flame alive and where the only current norm is that everything, or almost everything, is worth it.

For the team of psychologists specializing in sexuality of Therapy chat, sex toys are a complement that can provide ingenuity from the early stages of the relationship. It is not necessary to wait for your “cool down” to innovate: that fun, curiosity and learning are among the bases of your intimacy will help you to keep sexual desire active and to avoid the aches and pains of routine.

Not only toys, but also games

Suppose you have decided to take the step of incorporating some sex toys to sex as a couple. But not everything is based on making a couple of pieces that have died of boredom in a drawer or limited to the basic use that its own form suggests.

When you think about this aspect of sex, do not focus only on the toys that you have , but to create erotic games that can turn sexual practice into a moment to combine passion with a lot of creativity and, why not? Some laughs

To this end, we propose some basic rules queue can serve as an idea to invent your own repertoire of games:

Questions and answers: suitable for the most educated. In the market there are a lot of Cluedo-style sex toys. If none fits you, with almost any toy you can create a dynamic in which, if you correctly answer a question, you can move on to the next one; If not, you should interact with the toy as a sign of punishment.

See and do not touch : ideal to raise the temperature to the maximum. In this case the idea is that one of the members of the couple can observe the other interacting with the toys, but without being able to have physical contact, to see who surrenders before!

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